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Slumming in good old DAOC until wow fresh server drops

So what makes an mmorpg engaging enough these days to want to log in and continue to play? What makes it stand out for me to want to spend my spare time on it almost exclusively and favored over other … Continue reading

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State of the game: DAoC

In their producer’s letter nearly a month ago, the DAoC devs gave detailed summaries for the game’s ongoing development through the summer and also their fall outlook. Rather than rehash those, the letter from producer John Thornhill can be read … Continue reading

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Clunky mmos like Aion are still worth playing

At the height of wow’s popularity around 2007-09 during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and beyond, NcSoft debuted Aion, a game whose claim to fame was aerial combat. At first glance there is very little originality to this … Continue reading

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Stormhold Adventures: EQ2 TLE

Well I do apologize for not updating sooner. Lately I have been bouncing back and forth from original E.Q. and E.Q.2 on the progression and TLE servers. Specifically I rolled a troll warrior on Stormhold which is out of character … Continue reading

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