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Season of Mastery Day 5: The push for 60

A little bit over 10 hours in five days is what I have been able to commit to SOM thus far in the Nightfall server where Skinandbones the undead warrior is still kicking having dinged level 9 recently. But just … Continue reading

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S.O.M. Day 1 in Classic Wow

Recently I discovered that hardcore mode is a thing in classic wow. Why didn’t anyone tell me that this was an option? Back in the pre TBC expansion, this would have been a perfect solution for the mmo doldrums which … Continue reading

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DDO Tuesday and Warcraft Wednesdays coming to retrogamer blog

It is not often that you get a second chance at anything in life. However, earlier this month I found out that Wow Classic is dropping fresh server and realms on November 16 and I all I could do is … Continue reading

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Return to Norrath in the Antonia Bayle server

The most important command in any retro mmo nowadays is probably the /who command. This is because if you want to know your server or zone population, that magic command will let you know how many other players are sharing … Continue reading

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Slumming in good old DAOC until wow fresh server drops

So what makes an mmorpg engaging enough these days to want to log in and continue to play? What makes it stand out for me to want to spend my spare time on it almost exclusively and favored over other … Continue reading

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Character creation in D&D influenced mmos

I have been amusing myself during my free time updating my retrommo game blog and creating some D&D videos on my Youtube channel. My latest efforts are intended to highlight the differences and similarities of the various fantasy themed retro … Continue reading

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wow classic drops August 27

So the interwebs are buzzing after the announcement that classic wow will officially drop from Blizzard on Aug. 27 although rumors have been substantiated that there has been some pre beta activities of select content creators prior to the official … Continue reading

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State of the game: DAoC

In their producer’s letter nearly a month ago, the DAoC devs gave detailed summaries for the game’s ongoing development through the summer and also their fall outlook. Rather than rehash those, the letter from producer John Thornhill can be read … Continue reading

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Retro gaming blog is back after 18+ month hiatus

Nearly a month ago I logged on to my email only to find an invite to the Battle for Azeroth alpha buried deep within the promotional folder of my inbox. Needless to say I downloaded the game but I was … Continue reading

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Nostalrius is coming back

This is not breaking news or anything. I have been very busy, I moved from New Mexico back to California, and I stopped playing Everquest because I was busy with RL stuff. Maeru left the guild, not sure if she … Continue reading

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