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State of the game: DAoC

In their producer’s letter nearly a month ago, the DAoC devs gave detailed summaries for the game’s ongoing development through the summer and also their fall outlook. Rather than rehash those, the letter from producer John Thornhill can be read … Continue reading

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Retro gaming blog is back after 18+ month hiatus

Nearly a month ago I logged on to my email only to find an invite to the Battle for Azeroth alpha buried deep within the promotional folder of my inbox. Needless to say I downloaded the game but I was … Continue reading

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Happy birthday retrommo blog

Happy birthday dear blog! Hard to believe but the retrommogamer blog turns a year old today. Granted, I have not always been consistent about updating this blog, but I did not want it to become just an online diary of … Continue reading

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Why we stopped playing…

Why we stopped playing… I figured that with wow Legion about to drop, I should blog about this topic which has been on my mind for weeks. Why did we stop playing our favorite mmorpgs? Well for some of these … Continue reading

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Dark Age Changes and holiday bonuses

Hello. Lately I have been busying myself with playing EQ2 on their LTE server. Progression servers are pretty populated and popular in general these days on mmorpgs. My favorite retro mmo of all time, Dark Age of Camelot does not … Continue reading

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