Elysium pvp project brings in 9K: If you build it they will indeed come.

elysium project launch day

I thought it would be the end of my retro mmo blogging and playing, but I have decided to keep on keeping on, in light of the successful launch of the new Elysium vanilla wow project this past Saturday. Although it did not start out that way. Here’s how it went down:

I stayed up the night before binge watching “Firefly” eps on Hulu, but I remembered the server was set to open so I took to Twitter and Reddit to see how the launch was going. Evidently it did not go smooth, but what mmorpg launch ever does? Right, so I tried creating a character, but the website was down. Players were already making memes and complaining about not being able to log in when this popped up on my Twitter feed:


Then this a bit later:

elysium twitter feed on luanch day

It’s good that they had a cap, because even though I was planning to roll on the pvp server, there was a rather large queue evidently and those who did get it were reporting major lag.

elysium launch

elysium twitter message on server

I waited and still nothing, so I thought I would go to lunch and try back in a few hours. Then this when I tested the website, I got this:

elysium launch twitter message

I got some grub, ran errands, took a nap, it was a nice day out, sunny, I should have been outdoors I thought, not struggling to join other wow nerds on a fresh vanilla server, but the thought of being there just was too strong, I briefly considered logging on Kronos because that launch screen music was getting me in the mood to grind some mobs.

Then finally, miraculously it seemed, I got past the queue! No small feat mind you. At one point all I saw was this:

Nos-Elysium logging screen

But persistence is rewarded, I am happy to report that by prime time, I had already advanced 2 levels, no small feet considering the number of peeps who crowded onto the pvp realm:

Elysium vanilla server population day 1

So there you have it, at last count right before I reached level 3 with my undead warlock, at 3 a.m. PST, there were that many players enjoying the questing, the grind from 1-5 was real!! See you all in Azeroth!!!

elysium pvp day 1

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End of retro blogging?

I have decided for the time being, this retrommo blog is goin on hiatus.

I may reactivate it down the line, but primarily I am focusing on trying to have all my writing re. gaming and geek culture on one platform, so head over to medium.com/goblin-fodder to read my ruminations and rants on gaming. Especially vanilla wow, which I am currently into. I will cover and talk about all mmos once more though, not just retro mmos.

It has been fun to write about retro mmos, but one main reason I am switching, other than my ramblings have been all over different blogs and platforms, is due to the fact there is such easy integration between medium and twitter, and I like to tweet my links. Also, the medium publishing platform, though underrated is almost as good as WP. See you all on the goblin fodder!!!


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Nostalrius is coming back

This is not breaking news or anything.

I have been very busy, I moved from New Mexico back to California, and I stopped playing Everquest because I was busy with RL stuff. Maeru left the guild, not sure if she is even playing these days, so it looks like my elf pally in EQ will languish for a while unless I get the urge to play him again or to hang with my EQ guild mates, but they are so much higher level than I am, it’s not as much fun.

For a while I considered rolling an orc just because it might be fun to try a new race and class combo.

In the interim, last week it was announced that Nos was coming back in several weeks.

Wham! Yes! sign me up!!

Personally, I agree with Youtuber Kiyev who says it would be awesome if the server opens on the same day as the original wow release date back in 2004 (Although it was Nov. 23, not the 24th as mentioned in the video!)

Can’t wait to start the leveling on the pvp server when Nos finally comes back.


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Wandering Norrath with Maeru once again on Vox

Sorry I have not updated in almost two weeks, but the static had been kind of inactive for a while, and work and some life changes got in the way of mmorpging again, but tonight I was reunited with Maeru who had leapfrogged to 19 on her bard, while I was still sort of floundering at 12.

I took Sunday night off just to play face to face with a 5E D&D group which my friend Keith put together. Our static runs Tuesday and Sunday nights but I will attempt to play every nigh this week in an effort to get Erolith up to speed and to catch up with Maeru.


Wandering through Norrath is twice as fun with Maeru almost every time.

Though we were in different zones, soon enough we ventured out to CR and took on bog rats and snake MOBs. The group xp was great, progressed to 14 where I currently sit with my Paladin. In Maeru’s absence I was back in Azeroth leveling my alts, but vanilla is so punishing that I can usually only progress a few levels at a time with my hunter, until I get tired of the endeavor.

We all know that being in a guild is really advantageous and fun and I got an officer to invite Maeru, so in addition to being in the static, we are now both Wandering Norrathians. I think AC, as in most mmos and RPGs plays a big part in survival because in our encounter with the bog rats, once we pulled a few I got one shot from 30 percent down to zero before I had a chance to turn tail and run. I figured I was easy fodder for them once we over committed because my AC was something like 311 and hers like 441. I attributed it to the discrepancy in AC because she was several levels above me, though long time EQ players can correct me if I am in error.

Mauru had to run to the zone and at one point was pulling a train of 7 rats back to CR. LMAO. Good times. I think I may try to venture into Everfrost Peaks and try to gain one more level before calling it a day.


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Erolith the elf paladin journeys forth.Wandering in Norrath with my static and the Wandering Norrath guild


Erolith, the level 12 paladin left the Charon guild to join a more active one and is now a member of the Wandering Norrathians on Vox. My new guildmates welcomed me into their fold and equipped me with some sweet gear at no cost including that spiffy new helm I am sporting.

Meanwhile, the other night I went exploring with Mareu again. We zoned over to Halas which is pretty snowy and nordic looking. It obviously reminded me of New Halas on EQ2, only this zone has more atmosphere, despite its cubic pixilated aesthetic in some parts.

I am liking everything about this zone and about exploration in EQ. What I have noticed is that I have more fun when I am questing with the static group, which currently only consists of me and Mareu, but which we will try to beef up soon. We both agree that it gets a little boring solo questing, although I was able to focus on killing mobs for another level tonight despite my friend’s absence.

I am not sure what max level is for EQ these days, I want to say 105, and if so I have a long way to go as I plan to level Erolith all the way to cap.

However, being a bit of an altholic, I may take a break after dinging 20 to see what other fun class/race combinations I can play with. I may even venture forth and play some vanilla or DAoC.

I also plan to collect a few useful guides for both EQ and other retro mmos and link them here on the blog in the days to come. I like this n00b’s journey through Norrath in the Everquest Online Adventures Nostalgia channel made a year ago, so I will try to link a few cool vids like this one from time to time.

I sure hope Mareu comes back soon, it is hard to run a static group during the week because work and RL gets in the way, but let’s see how far I can solo the paladin on my own.

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Happy birthday retrommo blog

birthday cake
Happy birthday dear blog! Hard to believe but the retrommogamer blog turns a year old today. Granted, I have not always been consistent about updating this blog, but I did not want it to become just an online diary of my mmo gaming adventures, but wanted to offer some informative commentary, news and updates about retro mmos in general.

I have not always succeeded, but trying to align more to that purpose. One thing this blog has been for most of this time has been a creative outlet and my own little slice of the internet pie. It wasn’t always updated when I was going through dearths of time necessary to play in these engaging virtual worlds, either because of work, school or other real life interference.

Lately I have been having fun playing original Everquest. I know that o.g. EQ was super hard and nowhere near what we have now from Daybreak, but I do like the aesthetic and old school feel of the current game.

So what was original EQ like? Vareous did a great job of presenting what the game was like back in the good old days about three years ago.

What has made E.Q. truly enjoyable is that there are people playing the game now. The Vox server has been pretty busy this long weekend, probably because people tried to take advantage of the double xp weekend bonus. For me, it was more questing with my friend Maeru. We started a static group last week, and thus far she’s level 10 while my paladin Erolith is now up to level 8. I had fun crafting arrows and we compared notes about mmos we both like. She’s an old time player and was playing back in 1999. When you are wandering through unfamiliar lands, it helps to have a friend who knows the territory. Questing alone gets grindy and boring.

Looking forward to one final day of double xp.

questing in Everquest with my friend Maeru

Next month we are going to be questing in Dark Age of Camelot, but for now it is EQ. Dark Age also has bonuses going on until Tuesday:

The following RvR bonuses are now live for Labor Day weekend! Bonuses will run from now through Tuesday, September 6th.

On Ywain:

  • 25% bonus to RP gain in all NF zones (including the Labyrinth)
  • 100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic zones and dungeons
  • 50% bonus to normal BP in all NF zones

On Gaheris:

  • 100% bonus to normal XP gain in all classic zones and dungeons
  • 50% bonus to normal BP gain in the capital cities
  • 50% bonus to normal RP gain in the capital cities

In each Capital City:

  • 40% Bonus to Crafting Speed
  • 20% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain

In all Housing Zones:

  • 20% Bonus to Crafting Speed
  • 10% Bonus to Crafting Skill Gain





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why I hate boosted toons in mmos


I know a whole heck of a lot of gamers who undoubtedly are going to be coming back to wow when Legion drops tonight at 1 AM MST.
Or is it tomorrow night at 1 AM? I am not sure, but I am intrigued by Legion’s ability, or inability of getting people to try the new expansion. When the biggest mmo on the planet rolls out a new expansion, it tends to be a big deal in the online gaming community, but I was so turned off by WoD that I am not sure I would even drop the $50 entry fee just to get a digital copy, I don’t really want to play wow that badly, and I swore off retail after the bad taste in my mouth after I played WoD.

The most intriguing aspect of the release, for me, is how it pushes the reset button, as Syp aptly noted this week. To be honest, I have rarely participated in these events where the community joins in for a brand new server rollout or a new expansion. In 2011 I missed out joining SWTOR’s release, partly because my old computer was so crappy that I could not even run the game properly. I should have stuck around long enough to see the end of SWG when the devs. pulled the plug on that one, but something must have come up because I wasn’t there.

Back to the Legion roll-out, One of the most annoying things an mmo can do in my mind, is to allow a level boost of characters. I used to think that this was cool, to see how a level 90 toon in wow and other mmos would look, play and feel, but there is a reason to level progression. For me, it was hard to use the boosted character because of a total lack of understanding of the class and how it works even in PVE.

WoD felt so linear anyway that I ultimately favored leveling a character on vanilla, as hard as that is, or going from level 1 in EQ2 and other games and enjoying the ride, rather than boosting one to 85 or 90. My EQ2 troll knight is close to level 20 and it was fun getting there.

Legion comes with a free level 100 boost when you buy the expansion. While it would be cool to see higher level content without the grind, it is the grind and the progression that is half the fun. Boost a toon up and you immediately take that away, now you are just a n00b in cool looking armor with cool skills, but you are still a n00b.

I do recall vividly the hype surrounding the launch of Warhammer Online in 2008, but by the time I actually played it, that hype was gone and frankly I should have spent more time playing Wrath of the Lich King because it was more fun and seemingly the height of wow’s popularity.

In fact, a lot of players, myself included, have been unable to recreate that magical time when they played their favorite mmorpg for the first time. For me it was when I discovered Dark Age of Camelot, or playing wow post Burning Crusade and Cataclysm.

The closest I have come to that is discovering vanilla servers in late 2015. I actually subbed to Daybreak games last fall to play some original EQ, on the progression servers, and played a bit of EQ2, or at least tried to, but not on LTE servers because they had launched weeks before I knew of their existence and purpose.

So last night I was playing original EQ. Man that game is so cool, even after 16 years of existence, although the UI and commands are complex by today’s standards. I wasn’t playing back in 1999 or 2000 so I don’t have the sense of nostalgia others have for Norrath, but I will say that I was a little surprised so many were playing on a Sunday night on a regular server (Vox). I rolled a toon on EQ, an elf paladin named Erolith (chosen by the fantasy name gen app, because I am so unoriginal these days) and spent a fun couple of hours on the newbie zone. I can already see why original EQ was dubbed “Evercrack” by some players, because of its highly addictive qualities.

So will I play Legion? I am tempted to join the horde (pun intended) and masses all flocking to the game world, since it will in all likelihood truly feel like an mmorpg again, the closest I got to feeling this was in the fall of 2014 when I briefly tried out Archage and saw all the n00bs running around like chickens with cut off heads. It was only fun for a bit, then it became like any other grind. So the answer is probably yes, I will try it, but only after the hoopla has died. I have Everquest now to keep me busy.

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