Character creation in D&D influenced mmos

I have been amusing myself during my free time updating my retrommo game blog and creating some D&D videos on my Youtube channel.

My latest efforts are intended to highlight the differences and similarities of the various fantasy themed retro mmos I enjoy playing.

Sadly, my D&D 3.5 Zoom campaign has been put on hold indefinitely due to the fact some of the players are unavailable now Saturdays. I am not the biggest fan of 5e but that is the edition of the game that is popular now probably thanks to all those Youtube programs like Critical Role

Our local game store will be having socially distanced game sessions starting in the next few weeks when California opens up post-COVID, so I suppose I have to resign to learn that ruleset and adapt.

This is the first week of June so that means that Blizzard has dropped the latest expansion for World of Warcraft Classic. I can’t believe it has been three years since we were queuing up for Wow Classic’s launch which, as I recall, did not go quite smoothly.

Personally, I still have a love-hate relationship with Blizzard as a game development company and wow in particular as their most popular game. I love the lore and the two factions fighting against the other, (For the horde!) but I will admit that the game is pretty brutal to new players and I wonder how many will stick around long term.

At any rate, if you are a gamer, enjoy this series of videos I made discussing character creation, choice of game servers and other topics surrounding the D&D mmos and the mmos like wow which are heavily influenced by D&D.

About tyroshutterbug

I play PC games, mostly old and retro mmos. If you do to then let's play! Nuff said
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