Feels like 2019 all over again

Apologies for the recent lack of posts. I have been trying to force myself to play Classic wow in my spare time, at least an hour or two a day if I can, but lately that time has been reduced because of work and other life commitments. Still on weekends, which is when most of my gaming took shape in the past, I can hardly be bothered to log on at all, at least on a consistent basis.

What brought me back to Classic of course, like a lot of folks nowadays, was the prospect of having fun now that TBC Classic is out. Not that I even have any toons that are close to being able to venture into Outland. Even though I joined the Dark Destiny guild with my blood elf Paladin, it is barely past level 10 going on 11. Max level may as well be an eternity away and surely the level boosters and the power grinders will be venturing through the Dark Portal a lot sooner than I, if I ever make it that far.

Still, I didn’t mind shelling out $30 for that game card, out of which I still have over a month and a half left to enjoy, but I remember why I cut back playing on wow, I was just as excited at the possibility and prospect of Classic back in 2019 when it first launched. I guess you could say I was enticed by the tantalizing possibility of joining all those players on a fresh server to enjoy questing with PUGs and even raiding at some future date.

But Classic wow is a brutal game, it can slap you back into reality harder than most mmos of its ilk. The last time I logged on with the blood elf the other night I did enjoy the class and I did like the toon’s abilities. You see, I only play primarily horde toons so in original wow back in the day, you could not even play a pallie until Cataclysm dropped circa 2010 and Taurens were allowed to partake of “holy light.” I like playing the melee classes and pallies, from the little I have played, are basically warriors which can heal themselves and that’s a good combo to have.

I did get tired of soling especially when I got to a zone where the mobs were my level but hit hard and after I died a few times and came back only to have to rez multiple times through a corpse run and being ganged up by mobs which like to group, I called it quits for the evening. The game is just brutal at times and saps away the little joy that can be found in the grind.

I actually did log in on June 1st, I had forgotten momentarily that was the launch date for the new expansion so obviously there were queue times for the Manrick server. Back in 2019 when I had decided I would give Classic a go, I had just left the Kronos 3 private server where I had briefly been a member of an “all hunter” guild. I jumped on Discord a few weeks ago around the time when the TBC prepatch was being rolled out and to my surprise most of my old guildies from back in the classic launch were still around, most relating they were gonna roll pallies when TBC dropped. I could not help but laugh because I knew that I am not a power leveler and that I would most likely not have either the time nor the patience to try to get to max level anytime soon, certainly there was no way to even experience Outland adventures without spending coin on a level boost.

I seem to have convinced myself eons ago that only pvp servers were fun and that I did not want to roll a toon on pve servers, but I changed my mind when guildies convinced me that it was not as much fun getting ganked over and over again. This probably would not be an issue on Smolderweb where I had made my pvp toons given the fact that according to ironforge.pro, the horde outnumber Alliance on this server 54-46 percent. Those seem like good odds.

I even logged on to retail while I waited on the queue for Classic TBC that first day and visited with my Death Knights and boosted toons. That quickly became a discouraging proposition when I realized that there were zero people playing in the leveling zones. They were all either raiding in high level dungeons and areas or playing Classic TBC when the expansion is shiny and new.

There is a new Everquest progression server which seemed inviting given the fact it has a lot of unique features including randomized loot. But it is bad timing given I had paid for game time in Classic TBC, so I will either continue leveling at TBC until my game time expires around mid July, or become disenchanted with Classic wow all over again.

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