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Well that did not last long. I realized that even though I like to discuss mmos and the mmorpgs games I like in more general terms, this blog does serve a purpose because most of the mmos I enjoy the most are retro style or older mmos like Everquest, EQ2 and Dark Age of Camelot to name but a few.

So I have decided to revive this blog from out of its virtual death and reinstate it back in all its retro mmo glory. As a compromise to myself mostly, I will occasionally update my gamernexus blog when I want to expand upon topics that are not in the retro genre like D&D or even newer mmos.

This month I am focusing on the venerable DAOC because despite the fact I am strongly against games with cash shops or microtransactions, I do like how much work Broadsword is putting into the game and its diverse communities.

A long time ago I discovered the Gaheris coop-server for Dark Age of Camelot and even blogged about it a few times. Why on Earth would anyone play on a co-op mostly pve focused server rather than play on a pvp server? After all DAOC is renown for its glorious and world-class pvp, especially the rvr concept which few games of its ilk have ever really emulated, not even Warhammer Online during its short lifespan in the late aughts.

Simply put, it’s a little known secret that PVE is also quite fun in this game, if for the sheer joy of interacting with players in the other realms and it makes the game world feel more expansive. That is why I rolled a toon on this server thereby now being able to scratch my itch for PVE and PVP

In case you, dear readers, are interested in updates about DAOC, there have been a lot of good moves by the devs of late. According to the Herald’s latest post dated two days ago, the second “Catch Up In Caledonia” event coming Monday, May 17 starting at 3 PM EST / 8 PM GMT.

In case you are not familiar, It’s a way to start fresh and rapidly progress to the end-game with players around your same level.

The seven-day long event will take place entirely in the Realm vs Realm-enabled Caledonia battleground zone. Players will start at level 1 and rapidly progress to level 50 all while earning gear, master levels, champion levels, and realm ranks along the way!

The devs say that by event’s end, participants will be ready to compete in the Frontier. Well I missed out on most of the action the first time they had the event, even though I did roll a toon, primarily because I did not have a lot of time to play during the week, it was a heavy work period, but I am hoping I will get more time to play this go around.

According to the dev’s notes, players that start at the beginning of the event should be able to reach level 50, Champion level 15, Master level 10, and Realm Rank 5+ with the potential to earn much higher realm ranks! Characters will also be able to earn enough bounty points to not only obtain gear as they progress towards level 50 but also to use for end-game gear via Bountycrafting after reaching level 50.

That should work out given my RP toon is on Gaheris and my pvp toon is on Ywain 4.

So sign me up!

Another exciting thing that is happening in DAOC these days is the Doppelganger invasion event which runs through Tuesday June 15. I have to do more research on this one because even though I love in game events on mmos, I tried to sign up for this one but the Doppelganger Traitor in Jordheim said I did not have enough mithril to get seals, and I am not keen on spending any cash at the cash shop just to participate in this event, even though I probably would not mind spending a small amount to support the game servers. Read more about the event here.

Oh look! I found my counterpart in game! journalism in Midgard must be even more of a hellish task than in RL

The DAOC Doppelganger invasion event runs until June 15.

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