Surveying the not so friendly environment in Myrkwood Forest on the way to level 16

OK I gave the Shammy a try, but I didn’t really like it. I am not a healer at heart, I am a hack and slash melee type warrior so I went back to my Thane and had a better time of it tonight venturing out in the snowy and beautiful lands of Midgard. I think I have got the gist of how to level successful as I was grinding my way through two levels from 14-16 and it took a few hours because I was enjoying the ride. Following this helpful community guide I found in Reddit really helps.

Although my guildmates were there to provide advice via chat, this game still feels like a solo adventure, probably because I am still a few levels away from being able to join b.g.s and doing some preliminary RvR. Can’t wait to get there so I can start increasing Realm Rank. and enjoying the bonus which that entails.

Also, I may go back to the live server in the interim and simultaneously level a toon there because even though I like doing kill tasks, I also miss the wow patterned quests and quest givers which for the most part are absent in Phoenix. Yes I am well aware that DAOC shines in the pvp and especially RvR component of the game, but I think as a PvE game, it is also slightly underrated in mmo history. I say these because of its influence on future games of its ilk like World of Warcraft and Guild Wars.

riding to town in Midgard

Riding in style on the way to town

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