Putting the mmo back in DAOC

LOTRO journey

LOTRO feels like a solo adventure instead of an mmo to a returning player

I was itching to get back into a regular mmo routine and for awhile I tried my hand at playing LOTRO but until recently I had to quit the game because even though I tried my hardest to join a kinship, most of the players on my server appeared to be too high level for me to hang with. Same with classic wow by the way, though I was there last summer for the server launch, I was afraid that I would soon be left behind by those who had more time to level their toons especially after SIP became a thing.

LOTRO was a nice diversion, I may play the game when I want a solo experience because it is beautifully rendered for a 2007-08is type game and I don’t need super high graphics to play an engaging game. However, even though they were making the game packs free and the expansion super cheap until the end of the month, I could not find that one group to gel with, I very well could not have my guardian be the dwarf to rule all dwarves if I was soloing my way through Middle Earth.

Enter DAOC: My first true mmorpg love. I went back to the live server but remembered how lonely it seemed, although Broadsword Studios have put a lot of work energy and love into the old Mythic mmo, the world felt empty and what’s worse, even though they finally surrendered to a f2p model last year, or was it the year before? I can’t recall, when I searched the social function, my guild mates were all gone, most had not logged in for over 200-300 days. Clearly that ship had sailed, if I wanted to return to Camelot as a stalwart Midgard defender and warrior, I would have to start from scratch and start a new journey.

Well I did, only on the Phoenix server, a place I had dabbled in a year ago! Could it really be that long? Ah yes, my Thane warrior was still there waiting for me when I logged in, with the same gear I left him with. Turns out I remembered the reason I stopped playing was I became disappointed with the server’s approach favoring kill tasks and other ways to level over the tried and true method of questing a la World of Warcraft. That and a technical glitch on the launcher which a little research on reddit and Youtube helped me to overcome. I need not have worried about the differences in game play on Phoenix.  I soon found a guild (Odin’s Guard) and my new group was very happy to help me level both my thane and a new Shaman I have been testing out. Usually I go for the tank or the hack and slash melee type classes, but I was advised to roll a shaman since their buffing abilities make them attractive in /LFG.

Sounds like good advice. I shall be updating my progress in the venerable but mesmerizing Dark Age of Camelot. It feels good to have finally put the mmo back in mmorpg and DAOC specifically.

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I play PC games, mostly old and retro mmos. If you do to then let's play! Nuff said
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