wow classic drops August 27

So the interwebs are buzzing after the announcement that classic wow will officially drop from Blizzard on Aug. 27 although rumors have been substantiated that there has been some pre beta activities of select content creators prior to the official release.

Players with active accounts will be able to opt in to beta invites starting tomorrow (May 15) and this can be done by going to  

Personally, I have been having a lot of fun lately practicing on the K3 server along with my all hunter guild members. Though I got invited to this guild a while back while I was messing around with my hunter and I only got as high as level 16 because I was not playing for a long time, this past couple of weeks have been the perfect time to play on K3 in between my trying out the Dark Age of Camelot Phoenix free shard on my free time.

What makes wow classic (or vanilla) so great is that, unlike retail, I find it to be a more social experience and this was proven to me again this week when I resumed my messing around with my toons which include the main orc hunter, an undead warrior and even a hunter from the other faction, which was mainly there because I like playing dwarves.

Not only were guildmates always willing to give advice through chat or the official discord channel, but some were there to help me level and to get me some gear or even lead me to undiscovered locations, even though a large majority were already 60s and I was a low level noob. The best part is I know most will roll a toon once classic goes live, probably on a world pvp server, though that is still being discussed.

If you want more information about Blizzard’s announcement of the release and the beta for wow classic, you can check out YouTuber Esfand’s analysis of the upcoming launch of the legacy servers. He also included some never before seen classic wow beta footage. He did a great job so enjoy. See you all in classic Azeroth this summer!


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