Elysium pvp project brings in 9K: If you build it they will indeed come.

elysium project launch day

I thought it would be the end of my retro mmo blogging and playing, but I have decided to keep on keeping on, in light of the successful launch of the new Elysium vanilla wow project this past Saturday. Although it did not start out that way. Here’s how it went down:

I stayed up the night before binge watching “Firefly” eps on Hulu, but I remembered the server was set to open so I took to Twitter and Reddit to see how the launch was going. Evidently it did not go smooth, but what mmorpg launch ever does? Right, so I tried creating a character, but the website was down. Players were already making memes and complaining about not being able to log in when this popped up on my Twitter feed:


Then this a bit later:

elysium twitter feed on luanch day

It’s good that they had a cap, because even though I was planning to roll on the pvp server, there was a rather large queue evidently and those who did get it were reporting major lag.

elysium launch

elysium twitter message on server

I waited and still nothing, so I thought I would go to lunch and try back in a few hours. Then this when I tested the website, I got this:

elysium launch twitter message

I got some grub, ran errands, took a nap, it was a nice day out, sunny, I should have been outdoors I thought, not struggling to join other wow nerds on a fresh vanilla server, but the thought of being there just was too strong, I briefly considered logging on Kronos because that launch screen music was getting me in the mood to grind some mobs.

Then finally, miraculously it seemed, I got past the queue! No small feat mind you. At one point all I saw was this:

Nos-Elysium logging screen

But persistence is rewarded, I am happy to report that by prime time, I had already advanced 2 levels, no small feet considering the number of peeps who crowded onto the pvp realm:

Elysium vanilla server population day 1

So there you have it, at last count right before I reached level 3 with my undead warlock, at 3 a.m. PST, there were that many players enjoying the questing, the grind from 1-5 was real!! See you all in Azeroth!!!

elysium pvp day 1

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