End of retro blogging?

I have decided for the time being, this retrommo blog is goin on hiatus.

I may reactivate it down the line, but primarily I am focusing on trying to have all my writing re. gaming and geek culture on one platform, so head over to medium.com/goblin-fodder to read my ruminations and rants on gaming. Especially vanilla wow, which I am currently into. I will cover and talk about all mmos once more though, not just retro mmos.

It has been fun to write about retro mmos, but one main reason I am switching, other than my ramblings have been all over different blogs and platforms, is due to the fact there is such easy integration between medium and twitter, and I like to tweet my links. Also, the medium publishing platform, though underrated is almost as good as WP. See you all on the goblin fodder!!!


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