Nostalrius is coming back

This is not breaking news or anything.

I have been very busy, I moved from New Mexico back to California, and I stopped playing Everquest because I was busy with RL stuff. Maeru left the guild, not sure if she is even playing these days, so it looks like my elf pally in EQ will languish for a while unless I get the urge to play him again or to hang with my EQ guild mates, but they are so much higher level than I am, it’s not as much fun.

For a while I considered rolling an orc just because it might be fun to try a new race and class combo.

In the interim, last week it was announced that Nos was coming back in several weeks.

Wham! Yes! sign me up!!

Personally, I agree with Youtuber Kiyev who says it would be awesome if the server opens on the same day as the original wow release date back in 2004 (Although it was Nov. 23, not the 24th as mentioned in the video!)

Can’t wait to start the leveling on the pvp server when Nos finally comes back.


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