Wandering Norrath with Maeru once again on Vox

Sorry I have not updated in almost two weeks, but the static had been kind of inactive for a while, and work and some life changes got in the way of mmorpging again, but tonight I was reunited with Maeru who had leapfrogged to 19 on her bard, while I was still sort of floundering at 12.

I took Sunday night off just to play face to face with a 5E D&D group which my friend Keith put together. Our static runs Tuesday and Sunday nights but I will attempt to play every nigh this week in an effort to get Erolith up to speed and to catch up with Maeru.


Wandering through Norrath is twice as fun with Maeru almost every time.

Though we were in different zones, soon enough we ventured out to CR and took on bog rats and snake MOBs. The group xp was great, progressed to 14 where I currently sit with my Paladin. In Maeru’s absence I was back in Azeroth leveling my alts, but vanilla is so punishing that I can usually only progress a few levels at a time with my hunter, until I get tired of the endeavor.

We all know that being in a guild is really advantageous and fun and I got an officer to invite Maeru, so in addition to being in the static, we are now both Wandering Norrathians. I think AC, as in most mmos and RPGs plays a big part in survival because in our encounter with the bog rats, once we pulled a few I got one shot from 30 percent down to zero before I had a chance to turn tail and run. I figured I was easy fodder for them once we over committed because my AC was something like 311 and hers like 441. I attributed it to the discrepancy in AC because she was several levels above me, though long time EQ players can correct me if I am in error.

Mauru had to run to the zone and at one point was pulling a train of 7 rats back to CR. LMAO. Good times. I think I may try to venture into Everfrost Peaks and try to gain one more level before calling it a day.



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