Erolith the elf paladin journeys forth.Wandering in Norrath with my static and the Wandering Norrath guild


Erolith, the level 12 paladin left the Charon guild to join a more active one and is now a member of the Wandering Norrathians on Vox. My new guildmates welcomed me into their fold and equipped me with some sweet gear at no cost including that spiffy new helm I am sporting.

Meanwhile, the other night I went exploring with Mareu again. We zoned over to Halas which is pretty snowy and nordic looking. It obviously reminded me of New Halas on EQ2, only this zone has more atmosphere, despite its cubic pixilated aesthetic in some parts.

I am liking everything about this zone and about exploration in EQ. What I have noticed is that I have more fun when I am questing with the static group, which currently only consists of me and Mareu, but which we will try to beef up soon. We both agree that it gets a little boring solo questing, although I was able to focus on killing mobs for another level tonight despite my friend’s absence.

I am not sure what max level is for EQ these days, I want to say 105, and if so I have a long way to go as I plan to level Erolith all the way to cap.

However, being a bit of an altholic, I may take a break after dinging 20 to see what other fun class/race combinations I can play with. I may even venture forth and play some vanilla or DAoC.

I also plan to collect a few useful guides for both EQ and other retro mmos and link them here on the blog in the days to come. I like this n00b’s journey through Norrath in the Everquest Online Adventures Nostalgia channel made a year ago, so I will try to link a few cool vids like this one from time to time.

I sure hope Mareu comes back soon, it is hard to run a static group during the week because work and RL gets in the way, but let’s see how far I can solo the paladin on my own.


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