why I hate boosted toons in mmos


I know a whole heck of a lot of gamers who undoubtedly are going to be coming back to wow when Legion drops tonight at 1 AM MST.
Or is it tomorrow night at 1 AM? I am not sure, but I am intrigued by Legion’s ability, or inability of getting people to try the new expansion. When the biggest mmo on the planet rolls out a new expansion, it tends to be a big deal in the online gaming community, but I was so turned off by WoD that I am not sure I would even drop the $50 entry fee just to get a digital copy, I don’t really want to play wow that badly, and I swore off retail after the bad taste in my mouth after I played WoD.

The most intriguing aspect of the release, for me, is how it pushes the reset button, as Syp aptly noted this week. To be honest, I have rarely participated in these events where the community joins in for a brand new server rollout or a new expansion. In 2011 I missed out joining SWTOR’s release, partly because my old computer was so crappy that I could not even run the game properly. I should have stuck around long enough to see the end of SWG when the devs. pulled the plug on that one, but something must have come up because I wasn’t there.

Back to the Legion roll-out, One of the most annoying things an mmo can do in my mind, is to allow a level boost of characters. I used to think that this was cool, to see how a level 90 toon in wow and other mmos would look, play and feel, but there is a reason to level progression. For me, it was hard to use the boosted character because of a total lack of understanding of the class and how it works even in PVE.

WoD felt so linear anyway that I ultimately favored leveling a character on vanilla, as hard as that is, or going from level 1 in EQ2 and other games and enjoying the ride, rather than boosting one to 85 or 90. My EQ2 troll knight is close to level 20 and it was fun getting there.

Legion comes with a free level 100 boost when you buy the expansion. While it would be cool to see higher level content without the grind, it is the grind and the progression that is half the fun. Boost a toon up and you immediately take that away, now you are just a n00b in cool looking armor with cool skills, but you are still a n00b.

I do recall vividly the hype surrounding the launch of Warhammer Online in 2008, but by the time I actually played it, that hype was gone and frankly I should have spent more time playing Wrath of the Lich King because it was more fun and seemingly the height of wow’s popularity.

In fact, a lot of players, myself included, have been unable to recreate that magical time when they played their favorite mmorpg for the first time. For me it was when I discovered Dark Age of Camelot, or playing wow post Burning Crusade and Cataclysm.

The closest I have come to that is discovering vanilla servers in late 2015. I actually subbed to Daybreak games last fall to play some original EQ, on the progression servers, and played a bit of EQ2, or at least tried to, but not on LTE servers because they had launched weeks before I knew of their existence and purpose.

So last night I was playing original EQ. Man that game is so cool, even after 16 years of existence, although the UI and commands are complex by today’s standards. I wasn’t playing back in 1999 or 2000 so I don’t have the sense of nostalgia others have for Norrath, but I will say that I was a little surprised so many were playing on a Sunday night on a regular server (Vox). I rolled a toon on EQ, an elf paladin named Erolith (chosen by the fantasy name gen app, because I am so unoriginal these days) and spent a fun couple of hours on the newbie zone. I can already see why original EQ was dubbed “Evercrack” by some players, because of its highly addictive qualities.

So will I play Legion? I am tempted to join the horde (pun intended) and masses all flocking to the game world, since it will in all likelihood truly feel like an mmorpg again, the closest I got to feeling this was in the fall of 2014 when I briefly tried out Archage and saw all the n00bs running around like chickens with cut off heads. It was only fun for a bit, then it became like any other grind. So the answer is probably yes, I will try it, but only after the hoopla has died. I have Everquest now to keep me busy.

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