Guild Hall shenanigans in Everquest 2

everquest guild halls are fun but graphically intensive

My apologies. I have not been posting because I have been busy leveling my Troll Shadowknight on and off for the past week and a half in Skyfire, whenever I have some free time from work. EQ2 doesn’t feel as much of a grindfest as other games, at least not all the time and I have been hard at work to get to level 20 because that’s when the Dungeon finder tool becomes available.

I have turned in the occasional quest, but EQ2 zones are so atmospheric and the mobs won’t generally aggro, getting to level 20 doesn’t take long if you have the time and ignore the grind. At times it still feels like a solo RPG game because it’s a decade plus old game and because groups (I am sure) are busy doing max level content, which is 100.

Still, I had the most fun I have had in a retro mmo the other night when I got invited to join (albeit on a trial basis) a guild which has been around since Beta. Imagine that! Players who have been around since 2004 or before are still plugging along and having fun in EQ2, despite some controversial moves by the game devs which in the past have polarized the community.

The benefits of joining an established guild like Spellbound, besides being able to chat, game and socialize with others, is the fact you can visit and utilize the guild hall. My new guild is pretty established, but casual and they seem very inclusive which I like. As long as you aren’t being a jerk or harassing folks, they will keep you, even those who register but don’t long on regularly.

troll shadowknight in action

So in an instant I went from soloing with my troll to joining an established group and receiving the benefits of the guild hall. Hooray! It struck me that one of the reasons to visit the hall is the same as in other games I have played: Notably DDO where joining a guild will give you access to that guild’s airship, which makes it easier to get around Eberron, also and perhaps just as important, to benefit from the guild buffs. Same principle applies here with one notable exception: Guild Halls in EQ2 come as empty shells, empty buildings which players can and do furnish. It blew my mind when my guild leader Lilsette told me she had crafted most of the items in the hall!! Amazing! Allowing players to craft the stuff that will be in their hall really gives them a sense of pride in those accomplishments. Not to mention some of the items look really really cool!

There is also for some reason a recreation room, kind of a virtual dance hall so I went in and made myself comfortable and danced for a bit with the guild mates. If I got bored I challenged some to a duel. This is a bit of a sandbox aspect to EQ2 which is absent in some modern games focused on getting gear, raiding, rinse and repeat the process.

Although I first played EQ2 about 4 years ago and even leveled a toon 15 or 30 levels, I never really pursued the other options in the game, such as DF, guilds and crafting, for example. This is something I intend to remedy while adventuring in Norrath this time around.

Really looking forward to spending more time getting to know or socializing with my new guild members and checking out the DF once I ding level 20 in about three more levels. Hope to get there before the weekend. For now, I am having fun playing and exploring and the last time this happened was over a month ago when I ran into a group of friendly trolls in Ogrimmar on the Rebirth server on Vanilla wow. For the time being, EQ2 remains my retro mmo of choice!

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