Everquest 2: retro mmo of the month

everquest 2 character selection

I have decided that for the balance of the month, EQ2 will be my retro mmo of choice. In case you have not heard, Daybreak Games is doing an interesting thing to try and get more people to buy into an all access sub.

Last year they started the TLE progression servers and now they have introduced an “event server.” The Race to Trakanon is the game’s first event server. Essentially on these servers players can earn rewards based on their achievements, which can then be claimed on other regular live servers.

As a special bonus, players who log in from now until July 26 are able to claim a special mount for each character on their account. But they have to get to level 10 to do so which is incredibly easy on most of the newbie zones. According to the devs, each event server in EQ2 will only be available for a limited time, and it’ll be set in some previous era of EverQuest II content. The Race to Trakanon, for example, is set in Rise of Kunark.

Rewards come from completing various set achievements on the server. Completing the event achievements will give players event server currency, which allows them to work towards the rewards they are most interested in. Players can claim the event server currency on a LIVE character, and then can use it at the Event Server reward merchant that is located on the docks in Kylong Plains on all servers.

The server will run at for a minimum of three months. While game devs expect that there will be players that defeat Trakanon much earlier than that time, they said they want to give players the opportunity to earn event server currency at their own pace, and use that currency for rewards for characters on other servers.

Once there are 30 days remaining on the server, Daybreak will let players know and all players will receive a transfer token that will let them move from the Race to Trakanon to a server that accepts transfers. If players don’t use their transfer token during the final 30-days of the server, all characters from The Race to Trakanon will be moved to Stormhold when the server closes.

Personally, this is almost an incentive to resub to EQ2’s all access account, although there is only slightly more than a week for the even to end. Even if you don’t do the race to defeat Trakanon, EQ2 runs smoothly on my machine and I like the combat and game mechanics enough to roll a few characters even on non progression servers.

I will update my progress on a periodic basis.



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