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Guild Hall shenanigans in Everquest 2

My apologies. I have not been posting because I have been busy leveling my Troll Shadowknight on and off for the past week and a half in Skyfire, whenever I have some free time from work. EQ2 doesn’t feel as … Continue reading

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Everquest 2: retro mmo of the month

I have decided that for the balance of the month, EQ2 will be my retro mmo of choice. In case you have not heard, Daybreak Games is doing an interesting thing to try and get more people to buy into … Continue reading

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Clunky mmos like Aion are still worth playing

At the height of wow’s popularity around 2007-09 during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion and beyond, NcSoft debuted Aion, a game whose claim to fame was aerial combat. At first glance there is very little originality to this … Continue reading

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When worlds die: Last days of DDO??

As Syp mentioned a few days ago, Turbine is transitioning to development of mobile games, presumably providing less attention or focus to existing games. The recent layoffs at the game company leaves gamers wondering if this is a bad omen … Continue reading

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