Gungor the Death Knight

Death Knight

Gungor my level 56 DK

I have been playing my DK on World of Warcraft in my spare time and actually having more fun than playing with my level-boosted Hunter.

I found WOD to be too dreary and painfully linear, questing with the Hunter was automatic and not fun. Sure WOD looks good, the graphics are impressive, but the gameplay, at least in the early levels of the 90-100 progression was monotonous and boring. This is not the case so far with my DK, it may be older content, but the questing is more fun.

I even joined a guild! I have not been a part of a wow guild in quite some time, so it was refreshing to be asked into one, I guess people are still grouping in this game despite the doomsayers and the lost subs.

I think after 12 years, wow now qualifies as a retro-mmo, like Everquest, DAOC, or DDO, or any of the other games I am fond of playing and writing about. What’s unique about Wow, is that almost every gamer has heard of it, if not actually played it at some point in their gaming lives, the same which cannot be said of other mmos, or PC games in general.

I am actually looking forward to gearing up my DK even further, learning how to duel wield, which is one of the big selling points about the class, and learning more about the frost spec. So I will see if I can get Gungor on the Zangarmarsh server as a member of the Death’s Legacy guild.

The funny or ironic thing is I remember first trying a DK about 4 years ago, I thought it was fun but gave up to soon, no doubt I got stuck or I moved on to playing DDO or spending more time on my first love, Dark Age of Camelot.

I may be too much of a carebear or casual to actually realize all the reasons why wow is dying as alluded to by this video:

But, I still want to play on a casual basis. I am not really all the concerned with end game content at this point. I am still having casual fun and wow is one of the most polished mmos out there.

If the DAOC servers were more stable and I was experiencing fewer disconnects, I would probably still be exploring the B.G.s and marvelous content DAoC has to offer a retrommo gamer and RPG gamer like myself. Maybe one day I can return to it, but for now I am on wow and occasionally on DDO.

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