Progression Server Report

Phinigel is a TRUE box server, which means in order to multi-box you’ll need a set-up that looks something like this:


Hey guys, hope you are enjoying the holiday season thus far. It is really deplorable how I have neglected this gaming blog, but in my defense, work has been heavy and the only time I have had to play is on the weekend and occasional weeknight. Also, I had an upheaval in life, I moved from Lake Jackson TX where I was working this summer to beautiful Espanola New Mexico.

Like many working adults, I suppose now I am a “casual” or a carebear, or whatever derogatory terms is still used by fellow mmo players to denote someone like me, i.e. not hardcore. For the record, these days I have joined my friend Henry on the Zangarmarsh pve server on World of Warcraft. And I am playing Alliance! This is totally casual, if I was serious and had beaucoup time, I would level my horde toon on pvp. As I said, just having some casual fun.

There are a few cool things happening in the retro mmo landscape. The big news is that the Phinigel progression server is going live on Dec. 9. That’s right, Everquest will now add one more server to its stable of progressive servers which already includes Lockjaw and Ragefire.

Although some players on the forums voiced their displeasure over the 90 day unlocks, with no voting, some feeling that the devs ruined the Ragefire experience. As far as adding instance raids to the progression servers already launched, Roshen from community Relations asserts that there are no plans to bring raid instancing to Ragefire or Lockjaw at this time.


The devs also have allayed player’s concerns over multiboxing. Roshen said, “We’ll have things in place that prevent players from boxing from a single machine.”

Here is a summary of what features will be available on Phinigel:

-Consistent with previous progression servers, RAF will not be activie on Phinigel

-Raid mobs will have debuffs for mage and necro pets on the server

-Open mobs will spawn at the same rate they do on other servers (accelerated rates)

-At this time, there are no plans to add classes (or races) that are not available during certain expansions to earlier eras of the game.

Thanks for checking in, I will have more mmo retro news for you shortly.

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