Stormhold Adventures: EQ2 TLE

Well I do apologize for not updating sooner. Lately I have been bouncing back and forth from original E.Q. and E.Q.2 on the progression and TLE servers. Specifically I rolled a troll warrior on Stormhold which is out of character for me because I enjoy pvp ad Stormhold appears to be PVE oriented. My reasoning was that I didn’t really want to get griefed and ganked at every turn so better to start this way, especially since I am a complete nOOb when it comes to Everquest.

It has taken me a while to get past level 10 because like I alluded to, I wanted to try both games and thus far, although I like the old school retro feel of original E.Q., since I wasn’t around in 1999 playing the game, there is little nostalgia factor for me, I am mostly paying homage to my mmorpg roots.

Everquest 2 has held my attention longer, although I was a bit disappointed at first because I didn’t see a lot of players on the server. This may be because I joined a bit late, for example YouTuber Dizzarian seems to have jumped on board ever since the server went live and has been making real cool vids about EQ2 LTE for several months now.

This is about where I am in my progress. Check out the video:

At first I almost gave up, thinking that the whole Stormhold server was empty but my guildies have informed me that it doesn’t really get crowded until later levels and since I am having fun exploring, I may stick around another month with the all access pass.

There is after all a lot of fun to be had in both games in the upcoming months. According to the developers, Time-Locked Progression server players on Ragefire and Lockjaw can expect load-balancing instances, like they did for Nagafen’s Lair, to the Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear zones to help with overcrowding. Raid bosses will only appear in the base zones, however. (source: EQ producer’s letter 9/2105).

October also will see the Nights of the Dead come to Norrath, so I may be revisiting o.g. E.Q. because I love holiday in game events. The verdict? While E.Q.2 LTE has been more fun, if you can find a group or need your nostalgic fix, it’s hard to beat the original game for aesthetics and addictive mechanics. See you all in game!

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